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pDNI 8.1.1 Pre-transfer Command File Transformation

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Using pDNI 8.1.1, and have a specific situation wherein a newly created file needs to be transformed (renamed) prior to sending the file.

Currently we have used two pDNI processes to perform this action using the FileFilter Regex to separate files that qualify for sending and files that need to be renamed first. However, due to the polling cycles of the two pDNI processes, this can put a significant delay between the file creation and the file transfer actions.

We'd like to combine these actions into a single pDNI process.

Does the pDNI process track any changes to the name of a file using the PretransferCommand so that only a single pDNI process is required to send the file

example: initial file = abc.notimestamp.csv

filename convention that qualifies for delivery = abc.timestamp.csv

The 1st polling cycle would see the initial file, and the 2nd polling cycle would set up a transfer, execute the rename of the file, and then send the file in it's final form would be the ideal scenario

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