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addon dama REST operation

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I have to manage assets in drive via REST operations.

I followed the documentation here: https://docs.tibco.com/pub/ebx-addon/5.3.5/doc/html/dama/developer_guide...

I had no issue with the "Retrieve an asset's URL" operation but couldn't get a succesful result with any of the operations.

My issue seems to be in the "tablePath" parameter because all the operations return an error with the following message: "Tablenotfound."

For exemple when i try to use thegetMediaFields with the following documentation :


Request URL








Request parameters



dataspaceKey: An encoded dataspace key of the user's dataspace.

datasetName: An encoded dataset name of the user's dataset.

aTablePath: An encoded table path in the schema to get all media fields.


The request is done like:


As said above, the result is:


I tried several modifications of the tablePath parameter (/root/movie, ./root/movie, ./movie, movie/root etc...) but nothing seems to work, i always have the same result.

I don't understand what i have to put for this parameter to work, here is a screenshot of my table configuration.

table name: Film

table path: /root/movie


If anyone sees a solution there let me know :)

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