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Setting the maxiumum number of rows retrieved from database

Robin H.

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i have an issue with an existing TIBCO ESB installation (legacy, i did not set it up).

We have adapters that trans data from a JDBC database to another Tibco process.

While it generally works, when we have a dataobject with a lot of associated entries, we only get the first 100 entries.

In the Documentation (JDBC Call Procedure (tibco.com)) it says that there is a parameter "Maximum Rows" which seem to cause this behaviour.

The documentation states, that this parameter can be changed : "To override the default behavior of transaction groups for certain JDBC activities in a transaction group, select theOverride Transaction Behaviorcheck box on theAdvancedtab."

However i cannot find the transactions groups, and therfore i cannot find this advanced tab that lets me change the paramter

anywhere in the Tibco Enterprise Administrator or in theBusinessWorks

Can somebody please tell me where i can find that tab


Best regards and thanks in advance!

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