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How to add a property control to a Text Area using Iron Python

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Hi ,

I am looking for a solution to add/insert a property control to text area using Iron python.

I tried below but this script is not adding the control, it's just adding HTML content in form of a string.

viz2 = v.As[HtmlTextArea]()

for prop1 in Document.Data.Properties.GetProperties(DataPropertyClass.Document):

if prop1.IsUserVisible and prop1.IsUserEditable and prop1.Name == propName:

print str(prop1.Name)+": "+str(prop1.Value)+": "+str(prop1.Context)

viz2.HtmlContent = str(


Requirement: I have to add a property control of type 'Label' (document property of type BInary) to text area dynamically using iron python, this document property is having binary data which will represent different images as per selection.

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can you clarify Can the text area not already have a property control of type label, of which you can change the content dynamically when you populate the document property with a different image I mean, why do you need to recreate the property control itself with a script
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Hi Gaia,


For my requiirement, I have to generate multiple pages (duplicate same page for a specific date data) using iron python script. Each of these pages will have same visualization captured for different date. I am showing Dust Roses (created using TERR) and shown using binary label in text area. As I am generating duplicate pages, each of these pages show dust roses on a different date. Currently while duplicating the page, the text area binary level remains same and show dust roses for the last date. I am returning different document property to show the binary label on each page, however if I show them using html content , it just shown as text of document property and not the image. Hence I thought that I have to add / change property control for each page itself to show the dust roses differenty for each page.

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