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En una integración entre Salesforce y TIBCO me está lanzando el siguiente error:

<message>The Http Server replied with a [501] status code-{ActivityName=UpdateSAPAcct, ProcessName=rpc_whq_sub_sfdc-accounts-subprocess-GMC-SFDC.UpdateSAPAccount, ModuleName=RPC_WHQ_SUB_SFDC-ACCOUNTS}</message><msgCode>TIBCO-BW-PALETTE-HTTP-500002</msgCode></tns1:DefaultFault></Data><Msg xmlns="">The Http Server replied with a [501] status code-{ActivityName=UpdateSAPAcct, ProcessName=rpc_whq_sub_sfdc-accounts-subprocess-GMC-SFDC.UpdateSAPAccount, ModuleName=RPC_WHQ_SUB_SFDC-ACCOUNTS}</Msg><MsgCode xmlns="">TIBCO-BW-PALETTE-HTTP-500002</MsgCode><FullClass xmlns="">com.tibco.bx.core.faults.BxException</FullClass><Class xmlns="">BxException</Class><ProcessStack xmlns="">rpc_whq_sub_sfdc-accounts.AccountQueueSubscriber/UpdateGMCAccount->rpc_whq_sub_sfdc-accounts-subprocess-GMC.UpdateGMCAccount/UpdateGMCAcct->rpc_whq_sub_sfdc-accounts-subprocess-GMC-SFDC.UpdateSAPAccount/Throw1</ProcessStack><StackTrace xmlns="">com.tibco.bx.core.faults.BxException: BX-600021: Error thrown with error code [{}DefaultFault].

In an instance where several countries are already integrated, making a communication via Saleforce's standard REST API, today in a production pass, an HTTP 501 error is triggered, generating an account processing problem between the systems. The middleware system used is TIBCO, which makes requests to the standard Salesforce REST API to the objects accounts, orders, price list, price list entry and products, however, for all objects except accounts, the integration works without any inconvenience, for the accounts it sends us the attached error. It is important to note that the integration user is used by the different countries for the integration with Salesforce using the same TIBCO middleware, so that the other countries make the requests without problems, including accounts. But for Colombia, the country to which the pass was made, the same user for the accounts, denotes an error, however the user has the appropriate permissions since for other countries he also transacts with accounts without problem.

The connection is through a connected app and OAuth, which has the permissions configured for communication to be successful.

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Hi - A 501 is a Not Implemented response code.

Could be a version mismatch between the plug-in salesforce metadata and the version of API available on the platform. Suggest verify which version of APIs available on SF platform and what version you're using in your BW6 project.



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