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Do not send Null values to Target connector in Scribe Online

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Hi @Murali Anand,


You can achieve this in Scribe Online with:


Lookup Block for the target entity

This formula in the destination field in the Update block


IF ( ISNULLOREMPTY (SourceEntity.field) , Taget_LookupEntity.field , SourceEntity.field)





So you need to first lookup the existing record. If the source is null, write back the existing value to the field, otherwise, write the new value.


Keep in mind this method will reduce performance and increase API hits for the target, as each record will require an additional lookup.


There is a feature on the Scribe Online road map to perform this function without an API call and make it easier through the UI. I don't have an estimate of when it will be released.


Let us know what else you need.



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