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I use the "Insert Into" syntax, but I get an error -#1000

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The statement



/shared/examples/ds_orders/tutorial/employees (employeeid, firstname, lastname, title, extension, workphone) 

VALUES( 99, 'gugu', 'Gu', 'Tester', '99', '(650) 929-9999')


error was..


 Error : # 1000, References may not be fully qualified with a slash identifier here. On line 2, column 1. [parser-2909900] [Log ID: 6ce88add-47d5-42e4-89d0-fb5f751c10c6] 


In the "Select" syntax, the / worked, but I don't know why the error occurs.

Anything to add to the config?

SELECT * FROM /shared/examples/ds_orders/tutorial/employees

is ok.​


I connected using ODBC,

ODBC version is

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