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When connecting to TDV through ODBC, is it true that [select, insert, update, etc] cannot be done under the /shared tree?

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​I just connected to TDV through the ODBC distributed by TDV and tried to SELECT statement.

It returns "Error: # 1000, References may not be fully qualified with a slash identifier here. On line 2, column 1. [parser-2909900] [Log ID: 6ce88add-47d5-42e4-89d0-fb5f751c10c6] ".

SELECT statement does not work,

I can't even INSERT statement...

When connecting to ODBC, only the SELECT statement is executed in /service/databases/system/.

I posted a similar question but

It's a lonely community ... where no one answers.

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I have been able to figure out the cause with help from other parts.

They answered that in case of ODBC, they should search based on the connected Datasource.

Also, they replied that only the system datasource can be searched using forward slashes,

and that other datasources must be searched with [schema].[table].

Thank you for your reply.

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