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Unable to deploy servers on Admin and getting error 'Failure contacting Hawk Agent'

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Hi everyone. I am trying to deploy a new application on the BW admin which is a cluster of 3 servers and for 2 of those I am getting the deployment status for the application as 'Failure contacting Hawk Agent'. For par file and the machine, getting the status 'Container Plugin not called'

I have tried restarting hawk, admin and ems on these machines several times in several different combinations but still get the same error. The timeout is more than sufficient and because of that the error just takes a couple minutes to come up but it always does. I have even tried rebooting one of the servers but to no resolution and I am wary of rebooting the other too just in case they all stop working.

I have tried deploying the applications via GUI and Appmanage both and getting the same errors in either case. Any help to figure out the issue would be greatly appreciated.

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