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How do you model for multiple numbers of the same resource performing the same activity. Like 7 Mangers attending one meeting that is running for 1 hour for costing purposes

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You can create a group of people and assign the group to the task participant. If you need each group member to perform the same task, you can create a multi-instance loop with one iteration for each group member to the user task. Multi-instance loop user tasks can be completed in sequence or simultaneously.

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Interesting Brian and a little tricky with some variations! tthis assumes the number of attendees is always the same i.e. 8 x Senior Managers, 6 x RCOO and doesn't really consider in the case when people cant or dont attend the 4 hr meeting due to sickness, personal time off etc....in this case where there can be a number of variable it may be easier to use a data table to capture the numbers on the day of the meeting and time be it 4 hrs or 3.5 hrs.

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Rory thanks for the input. Unfortunately it does not address my challenge yet. My intention is to run an FTE analysis from the model. When I do so it only accounts for 1 senior manager and not 8. I also need to run reports which account for the 8X Senior Managers etc. for feed into an Activity Based Costing Model. Are you able to share how one can use the data tables for this?

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I have created a simple Data Table for 2 of the Resource Types RCOO-CLRE and Senior Manager-CLRE and allowed for the flexibility to capture the following information:

  • Date of the meeting
  • Resource type using the inbuilt Nimbus resource repository
  • Integer to capture the Number of attendees
  • Integer to capture the cost of resource type per hr
  • Decimal to capture the hrs in attendance (allowed for flexibility for resource type as some may atend longer that others)
  • Calculated field to calculate numbers*cost per hr*time in hrs = total cost

You will also notice used the calculated field to calculate the total cost of for the RCOO-CLRE and Senior Manager costs. This is a simple sample.

A couple of notes to add.

  • Permissions / access denied can be set on the data table to safe guard any financials
  • The data table record from month to month can be copied to save you having to add the cost etc...every time but only change the date
  • The data table can be updated via the web client
  • A report can be generated for the entire map or a specific digram and exported to excel if required
  • A data report can be generated and updates can be made directly in the report which saves the user from trying to locate the data table.
  • The data table can be added to one or more activities and reported once.

I hope this makes sense and helps but the use of data tables allows the user to be very specific on the data items.

Costs can be show / hide


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