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i need Spotfire web to write directly to the spreadsheet


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Hello Weverton,

You might be looking for the following functionality that was introduced in Spotfire 12.2: 

"Export Data to File for Web Authors

Web authors can export data from a Spotfire analysis and save it as a text file, a CSV file, a SBDF file (TIBCO Spotfire Binary Data Format file) or a Microsoft Excel file."

If you are on an older version, and not planning to upgrade soon, the following community discussion may provide some ideas:

If this is not what you are looking for, please describe your use case in more detail.

Best Regards


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Hello, what I really need is for the user to be able to input fields (form) through Spotfire Web and the IronPython script code to record this information in an excel spreadsheet.

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Hello again!

Well, a good starting point for that could be the Dr. Spotfire Session on database writeback:

There is an example of writeback to Excel which starts around 13:00.

You can find the related community article on that here:

Write back to Excel file from TIBCO Spotfire using IronPython via ODBC

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