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How I can mapp a xml file or xml output and convert in a REST message??? Without plugins. I work Active Matrix BW 5.10 and T Designer

David Alex

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Hello David,

When you say "without a plugin," are you referring to the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ Plug-in for REST and JSON?

If your answer is yes, there are a few alternatives.

You can achieve this transformation using the "Java Code," "Java Method," or even "Custom Functions" activities in combination with external libraries like StAXON, Jackson, StAXON.

See the images below for an example using the StAXON library.

image001.thumb.png.b59144d511490cd53971f84946a89672.pngimage002.thumb.png.c3473a033213e4cb11ffce02b969e0cd.pngI can provide a "how-to" if you find it necessary.

Best Regards.

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