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We are currently using Tibco.EMS.DLL in order to connect with JMS service. My code working without SSL, but now we are in need to implement SSL integration using Tibco.ems.dll using C# code (.Net Core). Could you help me in how to implement SSL integrate

Baljeet Kumar

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My current code without SSL is like this -

 queueFactory = contextLookup == string.Empty ? new TIBCO.EMS.QueueConnectionFactory(serverUrl) : (QueueConnectionFactory)lcxt.Lookup(contextLookup);

        QueueConnection connection = queueFactory.CreateQueueConnection(userName, password);


        QueueSession session = connection.CreateQueueSession(false, TIBCO.EMS.SessionMode.AutoAcknowledge);

        TIBCO.EMS.Queue queue = session.CreateQueue(requestQueueName);

        QueueSender sender = session.CreateSender(queue);

        TextMessage message = session.CreateTextMessage(Request.TibcoServiceCall.Request);

        TIBCO.EMS.Queue replyqueue = session.CreateQueue(replyQueueName);

Question - How can I implement SSL in this code. Could you please share some refrence or code sample to implement SSL to integrate Tibco.EMS.DLL file to call JMS service.



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