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Send HTTP Request works in Tibco ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 5.13 but does not for Tibco ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 5.15

Sean Blackmon 2

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I have two versions of Tibco Designer one is 5.13 and one is 5.15. I have a simple HTTP call that goes out and comes back with 'Success' when used in Tibco Designer 5.13 however when I send that same request using Tibco Designer 5.15 I get 'An exception was thrown while trying to send the Http request'. The code is identical, I exported it from version 5.13 to version 5.15. Only thing I could think of is in the request that I send there is "&" in it that could be the problem but I tried various methods to escape it, but it still throws same error.

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Here is the full exception that comes back:

<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?>

<ns0:ErrorReport xmlns:ns0 = "http://www.tibco.com/pe/EngineTypes">

<StackTrace>Job-103000 Error in [Test/HTTPTEst.process/CDMSAPI-Select] The Http Server replied with a 4XX status code at com.tibco.plugin.share.http.client.JakartaHttpTransportDriver$RequestExecutor.run(Unknown Source) at com.tibco.pe.util.ThreadPool$ThreadPoolThread.run(Unknown Source)</StackTrace>

<Msg>The Http Server replied with a 4XX status code</Msg>






<ns1:HttpClientException xmlns:ns1 = "http://schemas.tibco.com/bw/plugins/http/5.0/httpExceptions">

<msg>The Http Server replied with a 4XX status code</msg>


<ns2:statusLine xmlns:ns2 = "http://schemas.tibco.com/bw/plugins/http/5.0/cio">



<reasonPhrase>Bad Request</reasonPhrase>


<ns2:httpMessage xmlns:ns2 = "http://schemas.tibco.com/bw/plugins/http/5.0/cio">


<date>Tue, 24 Oct 2023 18:43:37 GMT</date>




<content-type>application/json; charset=utf-8</content-type>








Part of me is thinking that maybe a jar is missing in 5.15 that is in 5.13 but I'm not able to see any differences in the jars other then the sizes.

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Looks like something has changed in the outbound request from BW 5.15 that the server is not liking. Here is what I suggest you do -

Capture the outbound request (headers+body) from both the versions and see what is different in the BW 5.15 request. Do a base64 decode of the 'binaryContent' value for more information on why the request is being rejected and check if anything specific to the BW 5.15 request is causing it.

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Hello Kurian,

Yeah that is what is strange. I use the exact same request in BW 5.15 and I get back success message. The binaryContent decodes to {"errors":{"keyType":["KeyType is required."," is not a valid KeyType."]},"title":"One or more validation errors occurred.","status":400,"traceId":"36c96716-0574-44b9-ab92-4cedffc98519"}. So after talking to our client they were able to confirm that the '&' in the request is why they are rejecting it on there end. Strange thing is we are pushing out just '&' according to what I see in designer. I have attached some screen shots to see if this will help clear up any doubts. Just a question though do you know if the encoding in Tibco BW 5.15 is different then what is in BW 5.13?



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