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Disconnect method not being called from Event app Message flows in custom TIBCO Cloud Connect connector

Brett Zufelt 2

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I have a custom connector I built for TIBCO Cloud Integration - Connect. It is running on an on-premise agent. I recently tried setting up an Event app with a Message flow that uses the connector. I found that when used in a Message flow, it appears to never be calling the Disconnect method of the connector. This is causing a new task to get created in Windows Task Manager that is from the connector establishing a connection with the application it is a customer connector for. The disconnect method has the cleanup that needs to happen to end the tasks, but it never is called. This means those tasks continue to show in Task Manager and have to manually be killed. Up until now we had only been using the connector in "Scheduled" apps and have not had this problem in the over 2 years of use of the connector. In a scheduled app flow, it calls the disconnect and the task disappears from task manager as soon as the flow is done executing.

Does anyone know why disconnect would not be called from an event app flow?

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