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Partitioned tables in postgresql are not visible.

kim namkon

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I created a table and partitions in postgresql as below.

1. PROCESS_HIST (Logical Table)

2-1. P_PROCESS_HIST_Y2023M01 (Physical Table)

2-2. P_PROCESS_HIST_Y2023M02 (Physical Table)

2-3. P_PROCESS_HIST_Y2023M03 (Physical Table)


2-12. P_PROCESS_HIST_Y2023M12 (Physical Table)

​When you connect a data source to TDV and inspect the tables, the Logical Table is not visible, and only 12 Physical Tables(2-1 ~ 2-12) are displayed.

All other non-partitioned tables are clearly visible. How are we going to solve this problem?

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