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Key Differences and features of BW 6.X AND BWCE( Container Edition)

dazz tulip

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I am new to BW6 and BWCE.I need to understand the key features in both and difference between BW6.X and BWCE. Any kind of ppts or reference sources would be of great help. I need to migrate my existing BW5 code to either BW6 or BWCE and then completely move them to AWS (Amazon web services) .

So in this aspect I need to verify which is more efficient BW6 OR BWCE. pls provide with any ppt or resources if possible. Would be of grt help if so.

Thnks in advance

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Good that you are upgrading your services to next generation tools of TIBCO.

How are you planning on moving your code Taking Migration option provided in BWCE and BW6

or by developing the code from scratch

Basic difference between BWCE and BW6 is :

BW6: traditional integration tool. you can deploy your services to AWS but it is not advised.Where as applications developed using BWCE can be deployed to any platform of your choice.

BWCE: cloud native integration tool. Once you build your application here, you can deploy the services to any cloud based platform. we have created demos to deploy to docker , cloud foundry and Kubernetes clouster etc.

In both BW6 and BWCE, developing micro services is very easy. you can change your platform of choice anytime with BWCE.

Only challenge you have with BWCE is , it will not be able to provide the functionalities that are not supported in cloud. For eg: RV activities.

As BWCE is developed to support the cloud requiredments of today's enterprise, I would suggest to go to BWCE.

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Check out this recording of TIBCO Now 2017 session, "Migrating from BW5 to BW6 based Hybrid Integration Platform" -https://www.youtube.com/watchv=ro7unVLttmgIt will help you understand TIBCO's Integration Platform and whether you should move to BW6 or BWCE.

For Cloud based deployments we strongly recommend moving to BWCE as it brings in best-in-class capabilities of BusinessWorks and also adds support for containerized deployments, cloud PaaS platforms, cloud-native tooling and architecture patterns. Also BWCE has been recently made available AWS Marketplace for flexible consumption based pricing model which gives tighter integration with AWS and ability leverage pricing model for burst capacity-https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B071SJ2TZ7

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