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using JDK logging API in custom JAVA code with BW6

Qingtian Wang 2

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I am using standard JDK logger API in my customJAVA code. The JAVA code is called as a JAVA method invocation activity in BW6.4.1. I am using the


log configuration file in BW studio's "debug configuration", where the log level is set at debug, and appending to stdout console. I assume the JDK log messages in my JAVA code should just show up in the stdout console, but it never did. If I change the JAVA code into using System.println() instead of JDK Logger API, then the message shows up in the console.

Any idea what i am missing


P.S. Due to particular needs to load the JAVA code, I did have to switch the regular BW thread's class loader into the OSGi class loader that loads my custom JAVA jar file:

Switched context class loader ===== com.tibco.bx.core.service.BxExtServiceAgentImpl$ExtendedClassLoader@2744fc32 to application class loader ===== org.eclipse.osgi.internal.loader.EquinoxClassLoader@b932078

i.e. The custom JAVA code is called using the OSGi class loader. Is that a problem in terms of how the JDK Logging API works

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