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How to connect to Microagent COM.TIBCO.hawk.TIBCORuntimeAgent

Manoj Chaurasia

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We would like to check the status of our BW engines via the Microagent Method TIBCORuntimeAgent:getComponentInstanceStatus(). But I'm not able to connect to the Microagent "COM.TIBCO.hawk.TIBCORuntimeAgent". Which hawk we have to connect to

Our Domain is called shareddom, the rv service configuration isservice 11910network eai-prddaemon tcp:machine3:11901

The administrator is running on machine3, the domain contains the machines machine1-8.

My java class looks like this:

==================private static String microAgent = "COM.TIBCO.hawk.TIBCORuntimeAgent";...

TIBHawkConsole console = new TIBHawkConsole(hawkDomain, service, network, daemon);AgentManager manager = console.getAgentManager();


MicroAgentID microAgentIds[] = null;...microAgentIds = manager.getMicroAgentIDs(null, null, hawkDomain, microAgent, maxAgents);...==================

with hawkDomain=shareddommicroAgent=COM.TIBCO.hawk.TIBCORuntimeAgentmaxAgents=0

I found the following in the hawk method reference documentation:___Chapter 11 This chapter describes the methods provided by the microagent TIBCORuntimeAgent. This microagent is available only when using TIBCO Hawk in the TIBCO Runtime Agent environment.____

What is meant with "the TIBCO Runtime Agent environment" Why don't I get a connect to the Microagent The connect to "COM.TIBCO.hawk.microagent.Self" works fine.


Best regards

Dirk Holbeck

Senior IT Consultant

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Hi Dirk,


I had better luck referring to a microagent named "COM.TIBCO.admin.TRA" instead of . I was successful in calling the "getComponentInstanceStatus" micromethod also. If I hear of further interest from you or the community here, I'll post a code fragment I wrote in Jython.





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There are sample code under $Hawk_Home/examples/console_api/ConsoleApp.java if you have Hawk installed, the sample code demonstrates how to invoke Hawk method from Java. And you could do the change based on the sample code to invoke other microagent and method like COM.TIBCO.admin.TRA.


Let me know if any issue.


-Tristan Chou

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