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How to assign user profile image to BPM apache LDAP

Omar Mohsin

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I've created a new users in the included TIBCO BPM apache LDAP and then assigned these users to the LDAP containers in BPM openspace.

However, as these users doesn't have their images assigned, when I write a comment in the case manager, the comment doesn't look formatted well as the user image is not assign. against this user.

Can anyone please help in how to assign an image to these newely created LDAP users



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Firstly, let me say that the Apache LDAP provided as part of the installation is meant only for PoC and demo applications, and is not intended for production.

All user entries within the Apache LDAP schema are based on the following Object Class hierarchy:






The class inetOrgPerson has two properties capable of holding an image; "jpegPhoto" and "photo".

By deploying an Org-Model with an Resource Attribute defined, these LDAP atttributes can be mapped to a Resource Attribute within the LDAP Container definitions. There is no functionality within TIBCO BPM to assign and read these images other than as Base64 encoded values (all binary data is encoded as Base64 when read in to BPM). So, you may have to perform some external access to the users' LDAP entries to retrieve their image.

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