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lalu rachman

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I've been successfully build docker images for tibco bwce 2.3.

After I run the docker image, I got this error in my VM

unzip: cannot find or open /tmp/tibco.home/bwce/2.3/bin/bwapp.ear, /tmp/tibco.home/bwce/2.3/bin/ or /tmp/tibco.home/bwce/2.3/bin/bwapp.ear.ZIP.

./scripts/ line 140: /META-INF/MANIFEST.MF: No such file or directory

BW_PROFILE is set to 'default.substvar'

cp: cannot stat '/tmp/META-INF/default.substvar': No such file or directory /tmp/tmp/pcf.substvar (No such file or directory)

at Method)




at ProfileTokenResolver.resolveTokens(

at ProfileTokenResolver.main(


Below is my dockerfile


FROM debian:jessie


ADD . /

RUN chmod 755 /scripts/*.sh && apt-get update && apt-get -y install unzip ssh net-tools

ENTRYPOINT ["/scripts/"]


From what I see, folder "tibco.home/bwce/2.3/bin" didn't contain any ear files.

Kindly Help me for this :)



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You should add application EAR file to BWCEbase docker image and create application docker image. Please refer instructions to run a sample in BWCE docs -

You can also check out getting started video available on BWCE Wiki page -

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