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Multi Engine Shared Var Impl - Locking Error on SQL Server 2005

Manoj Chaurasia

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Hello All,


I have been trying to implement Shared variable accessible to process instances across multiple BW engines. Care has been taken to define


1. Shared Variable and Lock Object with Multi engine Option checked

.2. Wrapping Set/Get Variable calls within a Critical Section configured with Multi Group Scope andpreviously defined lock object resource for synchronization.


Intially when the project was executed against an Oracle Test Engine DB, the Set & Get activities worked perfectly fine. However when the SQL Server 2005 is used as Test DB, the Setter and Getter processes simply hang at the Set/Get Activities inside the critical section group and flag the following error

"Failed to get lock for /Shared Configurations/Shared Variable.sharedvariable - timeout"

Request you to pen your suggestions and guide me in resolving this issue. Why is that BW is not able to attain lock against SQL Server 2005 DB resource

Any pointers on the above will be highly appreciated :)



Vaibhav Dutt Sharma

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