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Scribe logs - storing source data on local Agent only

Manoj Chaurasia

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Hi Greg,


If you have choosen to store data on local agent server, the agent will store the data in the 'Scribe.SDF' file in the root folder of your agent.

Default folder (C:Program Files (x86)Scribe SoftwareScribe Online Agent)


Different applications can open this sql compact file, the easiest one is to choose SQL management Studio.




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Another program I use is CompactView -https://sourceforge.net/projects/compactview/

You have to copy the sdf filefrom the "Program Files (x86)Scribe SoftwareScribe Online Agent" folder and place it in a "Documents" or other non-system-used folder. Trying to open the sdf file in "Program Files (x86)Scribe SoftwareScribe Online Agent" produces the "cannot open the shared memory region" error.

Errors can be reviewed in the table named "AGExecutionHistoryRowErrors"



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