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Scribe Online Map Editor gets extremely slow at 40+ map elements

Kirill Yunussov

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I have a few cases where I need to do a lot of things, resulting in large maps. Is it normal for the Map Editor to get super slow at 40+ map elements Is there a way to speed it up Maybe install a version of the editor on my machine Looking for an answer other than trying to break up the maps.


I use Chrome, but see the issue in all browsers. Clearing cache and temp files does not help.

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Hi Kirill - there could be a few factors in play here. If you have a source or target system which has a lot of metadata it can slow down, but it could be other background processes. I know we've used the product with hundreds of blocks without issue. I'll reach out to you separately to see if we can figure this out.
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Hi Kirill,


I would try to consolidate the logic or split the logic in multiple maps.


If it is not possible to consolidate logic or split in multiple maps,


within one map, you can also split the logic and group the logic in groups in a IF else tree structure, each branch of the tree is not dependent of the other so you can put them aside using the Group block, while you design and debug each branch separately.


When all work is done you can just slide all the branches together.




Tip: try different web browsers and see which one works better, also try clearing your browser cache. (also try disabling plugins in your browser, that could help)


Typically when you have alot of errors in a map, it will become very slow as re-validation is done and becomes slow at each single error, again grouping and splitting the logic can also help in this scenario.







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