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TIBRV library not compatible with Visual Studio 2017

Liu Ren

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My c++ project is using TIBCO Rendezvous (TIBRV) library, namely referring to libtibrv.lib andlibtibrvcpp.lib. TIBRV x64 version library files provided were compiled by Visual Studio 2010 (vs10), previously my project was compiled in Visual Studio 2013 (vs12)and everything is fine.

Now, when I upgrade my project to Visual Studio 2017 (vs15), an LNK2001 error is triggered: "LNK2001 unresolved external symbol __iob_func in file C:C20180411HKlibtibrv.lib(derror.obj)", this seemed is due to Microsoft changed its CRT pathes and librariessince Visual Studio2015 (vs14).

However, TIBCO didn't provide a x64 TIBRV version compiled in vs14 or above.

How can I resolve this issue

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Is there any change to the status of this question, I am in the process of migrating a number of applications which utlise Tibco RV and the C++ static link is failing for VS 2017 because of a mismatch in the crt libraries.


Is there a matrix available showing support for C++ static libraries against Tibco RV version.


Is there a timeline for providing support for current and upcoming releases of Visual Studio as this dependency will prevent us upgrading and staying with Tibco RV libraries.

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