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Error using Activespaces 3.5 with BW 6.4.2

Luis Tadeo

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Hi All,

I'm trying to integrate TIBCO BW 6.4.2 with Activespaces 3.5 and TIBCO FTL 5.3.2

I have added the FTL_HOME/bin and ASDG_HOME/bin to the "PATH" env variables in the first line.

FTL_HOME and ASDG_HOME havealso been added as variables.

Also I added FTL_HOME/bin and ASDG_HOME to the files bwadmin.tra, bwagent.tra and bwcommon.tra

When I configure a DataGrid or a FTL connection and I click on Test Connection I get the errors:

Cannot connect to DataGrid

Make sure that ASDG_HOME/bin and FTL_HOME/bin are set in the PATH environment variable. And make sure the version of Activespaces is correct


FTL_HOME/bin Error. Ensure the value '%FTL_HOME%/bin' is set in the environment variable PATH.

Encountered exception [java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:


No se encontr el proceso especificado]

Could anyone please help with these issues

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Thanks to you @dma.. it worked for me.



here are the 3 folders under TIBCO home where BW/BWCE is installed. (do a search on tibdg.jar in TIBCO home)



~Krish Chittari

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