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REST Services with TIBCO BW

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My Twitter example no longer works due to their changes in Authentication and Authorization (OAuth). That said, here are two screen shots of the HTTP activity that "GETS" member info (see the URI in the first picture, then the "get" in the second):


Please refer to the attached screenshot: [RestConfig.PNG"]


Please refer to the attached screenshot: [RestAction.PNG"]


If you had to implement a RESTful service in BW, build a set of trasitions based on the HTTP Method to do the CRUD work.

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Yes, BW can host RESTful services. You need to detail your APIs - do you need authentication (what kind), session management (cookies), are there any special HTTP headers, and so on...look at any of the Web 2.0 social networking specifications and they all have these sort of constraints. What is/are your data models JSON ATOM RSS What version


When there is a DELETE, what are you going to do Upon what sources are you going against What is your client/server architecture (browsers don't generally understand PUT or DELETE, so how would you mediate that).


REST is basically just an approach that leverages HTTP semantics for CRUD operations: POST/Create, GET/Retrieve, PUT/Update, DELETE/Delete.

You also need to architect your convention for RESTful URLs, perhaps documenting a taxonomy.

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O.K., I built one that doesn't require a login (OAuth or otherwise). This is a GET operation against Google's Data API, in this case, it is fetching itemtypes in English -

http://www.google.com/base/feeds/itemtypes/en_US - and the API is based on ATOM. I'm being a bit sloppy as I didn't want to spend too much time on it, so I'm only using the base ATOM XSD, and turning Validation off in the Render XML activity.

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