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I have an integration map, which has run around 20 hours, it does not seem to stop. When pressing "stop" button next to integration text, following information appears => ERROR: Cannot find the process to stop. Any guidance to get this stopped

Ilkka Leskelä

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  • 2 months later...

I am experiencing something similar. I was running a mapping in debug mode. I added a condition on my breakpoint and, because it takes a long time to run, my session timed out before I was able to see if the breakpoint was ever hit. I am seeing the same "ERROR: Cannot find the process to stop." Although it's been running for 19 hours, under the execution history, it is showing as in progress, but it has processed 0 records, 0 failed, 0 pending.


What can i do to stop this process

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  • 1 year later...

Hi Marzieh ,

We are also havingthe same issue. One ofthe process is running continuously and not stopping . When clicking on the stop button , it gives message Error -Cannot find process to stop

I tried disabling the connection, deleting the map but its not resolving the issue . Please find below the screenshot .

Could you please help us resolving this issue as due to this we are unable to run any other process

Kind Regards


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  • 4 months later...

Tip: if your ETL-style integration is running for so many hours without stopping and does not respond, try to troubleshoot by limiting your data selection (by using a filter or an IF block to limit the amount of records you process at each run).


This behaviour couldbe environment related (local network and local agent server and local database).

It could be that your local agent and environment can process more efficiently if you process a smaller recordset every 5 mins , rather one very big recordseteveryhour.

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