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scripting for getting an input parameters for Logistic regression curve fit

Inbal Shapira Lots

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Hi all

I want to write a script that will compute logistic regression curve fit on my data, by using the Top and Bottom (max and min) values from the data table I work on.

All that should be done by pressing a button.

The data is as following -

I have one column that is "Label" and it contains few possible values: Negative control, Positive controls and test items.

I have an additional column with the actual values I measured, lets call it Y. and an additional column for the concentration, say X ( we will use log10(x) for the display later...)

For the Top and Bottom (max and min) values I need to get the max and min values of Y that are coming from theNegative control andPositive controls only

then, the fit itself is interesting only for the test items.

If there are few different test items, I can difrentiate them by using some additional column that holds the test item IDs.

Any ideas of how I can do that with a script is there any example for somthing similar

Many thanks!


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