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Problem installing Scribe Adapter for Dynamics CRM 5.0

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I have a problem installing Scribe Adapter for Dynamics CRM 5.0 on the machine (Windows Server 2008 R2), that is also a CRM 2011 server. The installer keeps notifying me that I need to install .NET framework 4 and Windows Identity Foundation. It turns out that both prerequisites are already installed on this machine.

If I run the .NET Framework setup found on displaylang=en ( amp;displaylang=en), I get to repair the framework. Did it. Did not help.

If I run Windows Identity Framework installer from (Windows6.1-KB974405-x64.msu), I get a message saying " Update for Windows (KB974405) is already installed on this computer" .

Any ideas


Posted by Igor T. on Apr 4 2011 8:01AM { U2220 , F9 , T1905 , C6013 }

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Hi Igor,

To install Adapter for Dynamics CRM 5.0, if you are not logged in as an administrator to the system, it is required that UAC setting is disabled. To do that go to Start> Run > msconfig > Tools tab > Change UAC Settings > Launch > Never Notify > Click Ok. It requires a system restart.

Hope this helps.

Posted by Manisha B. on Apr 4 2011 3:04PM { U2167 , C6017 }

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This issue is due to one of the following:

- Scribe installations must be performed while running in an administrator account

- Scribe programs must be run with UAC disabled.

Meeting either one of these requirements should allow you to install the adapter

Posted by Joe D. on Apr 4 2011 3:08PM { U23 , C6018 }

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I just did the same exercise and I can say that the CRM5 adapter works

You just need to make sure the following is installed


- .NET 4

and that UAC is OFF and you have restarted the machine.

I was surprised to see that we now need to use the user friendly name (even for CRM2011 Online) instead of the unique name defined in the developer resources section.

Now I'll start the testing :-)

Posted by Sven V. on Apr 5 2011 10:17AM { U2144 , C6019 }

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