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Case Manager - Adding 'enhancedAttributes' query parameter to the bpm-work-list business component

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We have a challenge where we invoke the bpm-work-list business component in CaseManager.

1. When workViewId is not passed, the default work list is retrieved with the enhancedAttributes query parameter as true by default.

2. But When the workViewId is passed as a part of WorkListData object, the worklist for the view is fetched without theenhancedAttributes.

Because of this, few of the work item attributes could not be displayed on the UI list.

So, we need tofind a way to add the enhancedAttributes query parameter into the workListData object,

Any suggestions/ideas would be really helpful.



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BPM Work Item Attributes from 15 to 40 were not returned when BPM Work List Object was called.

Root Cause:

The api/business component did not have an argument/input parameter to fetch all the Work Item Attributes.


Apply the attachedpatch to the 'CaseManager.js'file in the CaseManager Accelerator application.

This will enable the application to fetch all/enhanced attributes via api.

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