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Error message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Anyone else get this

Manoj Chaurasia

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Currently doing Scribe training and seem to get Object Reference error when running replication from MS_CRM to MySQL_Hosted.


The error reads: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


I have a trial environment of Dynamics 365 CRM. I have also hosted a free SQL Database to be used in MySQL Workbench.


I am trying to replicate the data from MS CRM to MySQL so that the tables will be created and I can then carry on with labs to learn how the integration works.


Unfortunately becasue of this issue I've hit a brick wall so to speak.


Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.



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Hello Liam,


Can you make sure that you have the proper permissions on both MS_CRM and MySQL.



"YourMicrosoft Dynamics 365account must have appropriate permissions to allowTIBCO Scribe Onlineto perform Create, Read, Update, Delete, and Batch or non-Batch operations. Contact yourMicrosoft Dynamics 365administrator for assistance."



"... associate the Login username with the hostname of the computer where theTIBCO Scribe OnlineAgent is installed. The hostname can be either the machine name or IP address of the machine where the Agent is installed."


The links below should assist you with information about the connectors you are using, and required privileges and permissions:


With regards,


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Hi Guys,

I had similar issueusing mysql ver5.7 as target and CRM D365 trial as source.

I selected one entity "account" to replicate and it gave me this error.

After looking into it, I've found a quick way to resolve it, by installing the sql connector fromthe marketplace, no need to use amicrosoft sql server, just install the microsoft sql connector by clicking the install button in the marketplace.

It can take a few minutes for the change to take effect,after the second run, thereplication started working again.


In training level 1 there is a note regarding this issue with MYSQL.

***Also, after running your Lab exercise #2 Replication Service Solution, should you find that the selected replication entity table has been created, however, the table is emptywithin the target MySQL database, please try installing the Microsoft SQL Server connector from the Marketplace and rerun your RS Solution. You do not need to use the connector, just install it. This is a known potential issue which is currently under review.

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