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HubSpot Connector Filter

Marco Peruch

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When we query HubSpot using the current connector, we only have the ability to filter on a few out of the box HubSpot fields.


We really need the ability to filter using a custom created field in HubSpot (like we are currently able to do with our Dynamics 365 Connector).


Is this a limitation on HubSpots API or is there any possibility that the current HubSpot Connector can be updated to allow for this



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Hi prozek@sadhanaconsulting.com,


Update: Reference link to current hubspot api docs: https://legacydocs.hubspot.com/docs/overview


Is there any particular part of the Hubspot API that you are trying to use


In some cases users have added externalid in the second system to be able to search for hubspot entity primary key, better when not possible thru the api.









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I ended up querying everything in the Deals table and then adding an IF statement to process only the records from a certain date forward. The first data push took the longest. After that I was able to just use Net Change in the Query block.


And then when filling in fields where I missed mapping something I set the Net Change date back to a reasonable date to catch whatever I needed. Not perfect, but not terrible with this very small database.

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