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Not able to view process instance diagram using bwce docker monitor

sujavani patti

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Hi I am not able to view the process after binding the application with BWCE monitor Please find the details below and help me to resolve the same

attaching the document with screenshots

Softwares used

BWCE 2.4


Commands used

docker run -p 8081:8080 -e PERSISTENCE_TYPE="postgres" -e DB_URL="postgresql:// @" --name


docker run -d -p 8333:8333 -e BW_APP_MONITORING_CONFIG='{"url":""}'

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Hello Everyone,


Sorry to jump into this old thread. But i am having same problem , did you guys find any solution for this. Can you please share me any fixes for this. I am using BWCE 2.5, bwce-mon-2.5.0 and also postgres as DB. Any suggestion is really appreciated.


Thanks & Regards



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Hi Neerah,


yes, we found the solution. We were building the ear using scripting, which did not generate the proces diagrams. These need to be in the ear. So we generated the diagrams in the application. I don't know precisely, since it is a while back, but There is a section on this in the documentation.


Hope this helps,





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