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BW-EXT-LOG-200000 njams: maxQueueLength(=20) is reached.

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Dear All,

i have a very big problem since 2day, i get ERROR (BW-EXT-LOG-200000 njams: maxQueueLength(=20) is reached.) in TIBCO Administrator Log,and my WS return : Connexion to Http://MyWSIpMachine refused.

Everything return to normal after restarting instances, but it take only a few minuts and i get the same ERROR.

Need your help urgently please.

Thank's to All


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Issue Fixed

A process remained active so it allocated a space in the memory that it would not release. This process contained a requestor for which the timeOut is not configured. it waited endlessly a response from the process containing the receiver which did not respond due to an access issue to an external database.

Best Regards.

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