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the selected Data source object is not updatable

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I am new to Scribe workbench. I am writing my first DTS and i want to update the source table. When i select the source table in " source configure" window and click on " Update source" button . I get a message " The selected source data object is not updatable'. what property of this table do i have to set in the database so this table is updatable

Thank you


Posted by Mrinali H. on Jun 20 2011 6:32PM { U2509 , F8 , T2052 , C6539 }

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The table you are working with needs to have a primary key defined for it. If the Workbench can detect a primary key in the table, then it should let you update the table.

Are you working with a single table or is your source set up to join tables

If you cannot modify the source table to have a primary key, you do have another option for updating the connection that is your source. You can use the connection you have set up as your source as another target and add an update step for that connection.

Posted by Mike W. on Jun 30 2011 12:56PM { U2515 , C6596 }

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