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Issue Installing Console on Workstation

Dave drlich

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I was having an issue getting Scribe Console on my workstation. I thought I might try to start over. So I accidentally first uninstalled theScribe Datadirect for ODBC.


So how when I try to uninstall or repair Insight, I get a message saying: InvokeMSI: ScribeDataDirect.msi setup cannot be found.


I searched the forums here and even though I am on 7.9.3, I found an article stating:



You can download the 7.9.2 installer package, which includesthe ODBC installer, from this site:https://openmind.scribesoft.com/download/insight_download

Then run theScribeDataDirect.msidirectly from an Admin command prompt:



I tried this and it tells me "Please run this install through Setup.exe" but when I try this, it still recognizes what had been (or still remains) installed, so all of the boxes that I want are grayed out during the install.


Any help would be most appreciated.

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I had the exact same problem. My google search brought me to this article on cnet:




What worked for me was the very first suggestion, using microsofts uninstaller. That pointed me in the direction of the following link:




Run it, and i found Scribe on the list, and was able to uninstall it.

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