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Can not test load Tibco ems using Jmeter

Tai Bui Chi

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I am trying to use Jmeter to test performance of tibco ems service, I use JMS point-to-point and JMS publisher, but not successfully. And got the below error: Response message: javax.naming.AuthenticationException: Not permitted: invalid name or password [Root exception is javax.jms.JMSSecurityException: invalid name or password] I don't know why because I used the correct usename/password Please see my images for setting in two cases:
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I managed to make it work. You have to provide the username and password as JNDI properties





For the JMS point-to-point, you can add it in the JNDI properties section.


For the JMS publisher, you'd have choose the "Use jndi.properties file" option.


Prepare a jndi.properties file with the following lines in it


java.naming.factory.initial=the initial context factory

java.naming.provider.url=jms provider url




Package the file as a jar

jar cvf jndi-properties.jar jndi.properties


Place the jar in the jmeter lib folder and restart jmeter.


Hope that works for you.

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