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Lookup/Query Salesforce Contracts & Contract Line Items

Jamie Lowe

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I wonder whether you can help me with the following or at least point me in the direction of some documentation please. Im using the Salesforce connector which as I understand it (but correct me if Im wrong) is written and supported by Scribe


Ive successfully created maps for Opportunities and Orders with related data to include Line Items for each record type. Im now trying to do Contracts in the same manner but the connector doesnt appear to support related data for this record type and Im struggling to figure out a solution here. On the Include screen, I cant see anything for Contract Line Items like I can for Opportunities...


Without the data here it means I cant use the For Each Child block. I noticed that the connector has a separate end point called ContractLineItems so I set up a map to query this and retrieve the Line Items for each Contract ID within a loop. But then I came across a blocker for how I then loop over the results of the Line item call


The For Each Child block doesnt work after a Lookup Block, I cant select anything in the Entity picklist

A For Each Result block has what Ill call two connection points at the bottom of the block, so I cant use that after a Lookup Block as it only expects a block with one connection point


My last ditch attempt was to try a loop block, which as I understand from the Scribe Knowledge Base acts like a Do-While-X-Meets-A-Condition and needs a Loop Exit but thats as far as I got is this what I need use If so, how do I tackle this please

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As I understand, there was a resolution for this question.


Salesforce Contracts so do not have Line Items. Service Contracts (which is a different record type entirely) do allow for Contract Line Items and the connector does support "Child" relationships for these as long as you have the right settings turned on within Salesforce.


Also, to answer part of your original question, you can use a Fetch block to retrieve child records, whether or not a declared relationship exists.



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