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How to get all queue pending messages via EMS script

Srinivasan Subramani

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We all know show queues will give queues details, can anyone tell me is there way to get only the queue name and it's penidng messagesusing ems script

since help show queues showing as queue table.

The columns in the table are:

Queue Name - name of the queue. If the name is prefixed with the

asterisk (*) then the queue is temporary or was created

dynamically. Properties of temporary and dynamic queues

can not be changed.

SNFGXIBCT - queue properties in the order:

(S)ecure, sender_(N)ame (or sender_name_enforced),

(F)ailsafe, (G)lobal, e(X)clusive, (I)mport,

(B)ridged, flow©ontrol, (T)race.

Import is shown if either import, tibrv_import or

tibrvcm_import property is defined for or inherited by

the queue.

The meaning of characters in the value section is:

- property is not present

+ property is set on the queue

* property is inherited from parent queue(s)

Note that inherited properties can not be removed.

Pre - Prefetch value. If the value is prefixed with asterisk (*),

then it is inherited from another queue or is the default

value. "none" means queue has no prefetch.

Rcvrs - Number of currently active receivers

Msgs (All) - Number of pending messages

Size (All) - Total size of pending messages

Msgs (Persistent) - Number of pending messages that were sent persistently

Size (Persistent) - Total size of pending messages that were sent persistently

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