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Since upgrading to CRM 9.0 Scribe is no longer producing any output.

Manoj Chaurasia

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Hello Keith,


I would ask you to verify the connector settings to make sure that it can connect with your organization. You can also verify if it can pull metadata and any records by creating a new IS solution and map, and then using a Query block to preview a particular entity such as Accounts or Contacts. If you can see data, we can say that it isn't the connection properties.


Are there any errors being reported from the execution history of the solutions / maps that are using the Dynamics CRM connector


Please feel free to create a case with Scribe Support by going to "My Cases", and then pressing the green "Open Scribe Online Case" and fill in the proper information.


Thank you.

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I have a case (00069217) open with Albert at the moment but so far no joy in getting it resolved

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