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AMX-BPM: CaseObject Values not getting updated on its own when user updates values on Form in Business Process

Shrijeet Sinha

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In CaseDataUserGuide , under section Displaying a Case Object in a User Task - Using a Form

It is mentioned as

You can also, optionally, automatically update the case object with any changes made by the user when the user closes or submits the form.

When the form is closed or submitted, any changes made to fields that are part of the case object are

written back to the case data store.

My Understanding of above statement is :

Which means that When the form is displayed , case objects values can be edited and when form is closed/submitted, same edit will get updated in table.


To achieve above, it mentioned in document as :

If you want to automatically update the associated case object when the form is closed or submitted,

set the data field's mode to IN/OUT and click Mandatory.


But i see that CaseTable is not getting updated with edited/update dvalue of caseobject values.

I had explained issue on attached wordDocument as well with screenshot.

My project is also attached.

Please canyou advise if i am missing anything here.

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