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BW application Deployment failing with “Failure Contacting Hawk Agent”

Kumar - 2

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When deploying the application using admin. I am getting error as Failure Contacting Hawk Agent


Could any one please let me know what could be the problem.


I have checked below things:


1. Space in admin and target machine were fine.

2. Hawk agents on both the machines were running fine.

3. I tried restarting hawk agents but still the error exists.




Pradeep Kumar B

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Hi Kumar,


If you are using a database-based domain you might try double-checking that the connectivity between the TIBCO Administrator and the database is okay. I have seen this issue where there were problems with database connectivity.


You might also try restarting your Rendezvous daemon processes (RVD and/or RVRD processes).


I hope this helps!





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