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Error "The parameter 'type' cannot be null" returned on executing "create table" statement via ODBC

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I am a developer of the ODBC SQL query tool (FlySpeed SQL Query).

One of my customers sent me the ODBC trace indicating the "The parameter 'type' cannot be null." error.

According to the trace, this error comes right on executing the following "create table" statement:

create table temp1 as select * from TestSch.Table1

You can see that there is no "type" parameter involved, so I suspect this might be an uninitialized ODBC attribute or something like that.

According to the log, the driver is "TIBCO® Data Virtualization ODBC Driver", version:

The trace indicates some "Log ID" identified by GUID. Maybe this log contains the necessary information to solve the problem, but I don't know How can I request this log.

Can somebody give some clues how to solve this problem

Additional info: The tool is written in Delphi, so I use FireDAC library to work with ODBC.

Below is a piece of the ODBC Trace:

SQLSetStmtAttrW(0x000000000b8a3f30, SQL_ATTR_CURSOR_TYPE, 0x0000000000000002, -5)


SQLSetStmtAttrW(0x000000000b8a3f30, SQL_ATTR_CONCURRENCY, 0x0000000000000001, -5)


SQLPrepareW(0x000000000b8a3f30, "create table temp1 as select * from TestSch.Table1", -3)



Statement: incoming sql=`create table temp1 as select * from TestSch.Table1`

> execplan 11 713

> autocommit=true

> maxrows=0

> (end of command)


> ZSTRING create table temp1 as select * from TestSch.Table1




Channel writes 107 bytes, errno 0

Channel reads 101 bytes, errno 0

< error 11 713

< field zstring The parameter 'type' cannot be null. [Log ID: bb222c62-9e93-49a3-a08b-768dea8418a7]



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