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Tibco BW 5.13 and the ListFiles activity

James Johnson 2

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I have a question regarding the ListFiles activity. I need to look at a remote server/folder location for the existance of .txt files. Testing on my localmachine, I can get the activity to work when I use a $ share specification - ///share_name$/*.txt. I have this defined in a Global Variable and then use the Global Variable in the activity.


I'm being told, though, that when deploying to Tibco Admin, that it does not like a $ in a Global Variable. This location will change based on the environment so it can't be hardcoded. Thus, I need to specify a full server/folder location such as ///C://*.txt, but I cannot get this to work.


Does anyone know how to specify a full server/file location in the ListFiles activity without using a $ share name


Thank you.

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