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Variable for Business Works Data Source

Manoj Chaurasia

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I'm trying to right a Hawk Rule Base utilzing the Business Works microagent such that we can monitor and alert on the status of our BW Engines.


We have multiple Business Works engines, and I'd like to be able to write the one Hawk Rule Base, and push this to out to the 5 Business Works engines.


The problem i'm facing is that the MircoAgent name for each of our engines differs and I have not found a way to re-use the same rule as within Hawk Display I can't substitue any value for the Data Source field.


For example,


The microagent name follows the syntax ;




eg. we have 5 available microagents named;







Is there a way in which I can use a variable, or substitution in the Data Source of the Hawk Rulebase defintion such that I don't need to write five different .hrb's I would like to be able to develop the one .hrb and deploy this to the five servers.


Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


Regards,Bob Neil

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Create a rulebase template like so:

Instead of using the direct microagent datacource directly, use the TIBCORuntimeagent datasource. Then, choose the method "getComponentInstanceStatus".

The method arguments are:

- in field Deployment, enter the value "${Internal.Current RuleBase}".

- in field Component Instance, enter value "Process Archive."


Then, rename the rulebase to you specific bw instance.


Hope this helps!

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Hi Joshua,


Your approach is working but can you please suggest me in case when i want to run the rule for all different "Deployment" simultaneously. for eg my tibco applications are named as 




App1,App2,App3... and i want to create a single rulebase which can restart all applications in one go.




Thanks in advance!!

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