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TIBCO BW 5.14 - Facing issue with hostname but works fine with IP

uday M

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We have two servers - tibcoA, tibcoB (Both running behind LoadBalancer)

LoadBancer - tibco_bw_sit

We have upgraded to BW 5.14 , created two new domains on the two servers (tibcoA, tibcoB) and all our application are up and running.

Now we are facing an issue with load balancer. Load_Balancer is unable to access the web applications via hostname but same is accessible via IP .

Example :

https://172.X.X.23:5558/wsil ----> Working fine

https://tibco_bw_sit:5558/wsil ---> Erroring out "This error (HTTP 400 Bad Request) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the web server, but the webpage could not be found because of a problem with the address"

When we are trying to access locally (directly pointing to server with out Load_Balancer) it works fine.

Example :

http://tibcoadev:5558/XXX.serviceagentwsdl ---> Working fine (Please note this is not ssl call)

And also please note : 1) Same is working fine with old domains (BW 5.11). i.e. Load_Balancer is able to access the applications via hostname as well as IP. (Old domain residing on the same server but on the different mount point). https://172.X.X.23:5558/wsil ----> Working fine https://tibco_bw_sit:5558/wsil ---> Working fine Please let me know your take on this issue.

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Issue is resolved.

This is due to latest version ofapache tomcat which is shipped in TRA hotfix. this version of apache doesnot support "-" (underscore) in the hostname.


1. unstall the tra hotfix (not suggestable as issue might occur when u upgrade later)

2. Change the server type in http connections to HTTP component instead ofTomcat




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