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What's new in TIBCO Cloud Live Apps - 30 January 2019

Joanna Hughes

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The following new features are available in the latest TIBCO Cloud Live Apps:


Logging events from TIBCO Cloud Live Apps to a shared audit log



You can now add a task to a Live Apps creator or action process and configure it to log Live Apps events to a shared audit log in TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe. This is useful if your Live Apps application is participating in applications using several cloud services in your organization and you want to quickly and easily get an overall view of what has happened for a whole instance of a business process.


Use theTIBCO Cloud Live Apps API to start case creators and case actions

You can use the TIBCO Cloud Live Apps API to start a case creator or a case action for an application. You do this by using a combination of methods provided by the Authorization Engine Service, the Case Manager Service and the Business Process Management Service.

For more information about how to use these methods, see "Starting Case Creators or Case Actions" in the TIBCO Cloud Live Apps API, at/apps/api-explorer/index.html.


Improved application view



An improved application view in TIBCO Cloud Live Apps Administrator allows you to quickly and easily see your most relevant applications. For example, the applications that are ready to publish. Secondly, you can also see more applications at a glance.

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