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Tibco BW container Edition J2.4 Jaeger Span ID Issue

Pankaj Mishra 2

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I am facing Jaeger Span ID Issue with Tibco BW container Edition. Below is the steps to reproduce.

1. I have configured Jaeger as below in the docker container.

docker run --name jaeger --network="abc"


-p 5775:5775/udp

-p 6831:6831/udp

-p 6832:6832/udp

-p 5778:5778

-p 16686:16686

-p 14268:14268

-p 9411:9411


2. Configured Jaeger in the BW app as below,

docker run --name="app1" --network="abc" --link jaeger -p 13021:13012 --env BW_JAVA_OPTS="-Dbw.engine.opentracing.enable=true" --env JAEGER_AGENT_HOST=jaeger --env JAEGER_AGENT_PORT=6831 --env JAEGER_SAMPLER_MANAGER_HOST_PORT=jaeger:5778 app1

3.In Tibco CRE project(bw.process.api.bwp), I do have six processes as below,

mainProcess.bwp(Rest based service endpoint)

proxProcess1.bwp (http based service endpoint)

proxProcess2.bwp (http based service endpoint)

proxProcess3.bwp (http based service endpoint)

proxProcess4.bwp (http based service endpoint)

proxProcess5.bwp (http based service endpoint)

Call of the flow as below, mainProcess(proxProcess1 -> proxProcess2 -> proxProcess3 -> proxProcess4 -> proxProcess5)

mainProcess Span ID: 9c02bed6f7a34413

proxProcess1 process Span ID: bcd8bb43fda2c19b

proxProcess2 process Span ID: 9e28ccff690de8cd

So problem is here proxProcess1, proxProcess2 process Span ID must be the same as the mainProcess Span id so that it can join same distributed tracing.

Technology Stack have used BW CE 2.4, Windows Docker 2.0 & Jaeger 1.8

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