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Getting "Text Connector: Local file systems are not supported with cloud agents" error while debug

Manoj Chaurasia

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Hi @SasiKumar Natesan,


A text file can be hosted locally like in D:Source, or in a Cloud endpoint like FTP or Dropbox. For a local file on a windows machine, you need to install an on premise agent on the same machine. If you already have an agent installed, change it on the Solutions edit page at the top right. Otherwise you need to install an agent on that machine.



Note that if you plan to use a directory other than the default /Dataexchange, you need to add D:Source to the FolderAccess.txt file:


("C:Program Files (x86)Scribe SoftwareScribe Online AgentConnectorsScribe.Connector.Text.SourceFolderAccess.txt")

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